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Why Choose Us


We trust that everyone who embraces the values of Balajee Group will do what is best for the client, the business, and each other


We are a place where people feel enable​d to make decisions that contribute to the betterment of the clients and our group


We are committed to delivering what we promise to our clients and to each other

Social Responsibility

We strictly discourage and condemn the use of child labour and conflict minerals

Health & Safety

We understand that an organisation cannot succeed at the cost of ignoring people’s health and safety at work


We actively make efforts towards reducing, reusing, and recycling waste

Our Diverse Portfolio

From trading, supplying, and exporting iron & steel, to specialising in manufacturing specific kinds of towers and structures, to re-rolling steel to take various shapes and forms, our diverse portfolio is divided between 4 group companies.

Balajee Structurals India private limited
Shree Hanuman Loha private limited
Balajee Loha private limited (TMT Division)
Balajee Loha private limited
Plant and Facility